• Richie Aero Spring

  • A new Richie system replaces walking boots and
    treats a variety of lower extremity pathologies.  It's simply Better!

    Foot and Ankle Specialists commonly prescribe walking boots to treat injuries of the lower extremity. The goal of this treatment is to limit motion and offload damaging forces on injured structures.

  •  While superior to cast immobilization in many cases, walking boots have many shortcomings. Patients wearing these devices often complain of proximal pain in the knees, hips and spine. Walking boots are heavy and difficult to secure properly around the foot, ankle and lower leg. When walking boots are worn on the right leg, it is impossible to drive an automobile.

    Now, an innovative alternative can circumvent all of these negative aspects of walking boots while providing better treatment effects on injured structures of the lower extremity. The new Richie AeroSpring Brace Systems combine the proven performance of a carbon fiber ankle-foot orthosis with a variety of pathology specific foot orthoses to stabilize the joints of the lower extremity and speed recovery.

    The Richie AeroSpring Brace Systems have been designed to treat the most common conditions treated with walking boots by foot and ankle specialists:
    Plantar Heel Pain Syndrome-unresponsive to traditional treatment
    Achilles Tendon Rupture and Tendinopathy
    Sprain and/or Degenerative Arthritis of the Midfoot Joints

    All three of these conditions require long term immobilization in walking boots. In most cases, patient compliance is poor given the overall discomfort of wearing these devices.

    Now a dynamic, lightweight brace system can be worn for weeks and months by the injured patient with almost no negative effects on gait, general comfort or ability to drive an automobile. Besides improved compliance, patient outcomes may improve due the positive treatment effects of dynamic loading of tendons and ligaments.

    The “system approach” of the Richie AeroSpring combines the therapeutic effects of a custom functional foot orthosis with the lower limb stabilizing effects of a dynamic ground reaction carbon fiber ankle-foot orthosis. Depending upon the pathology treated, the foot orthosis of the Richie AeroSpring is modified with specific features to address the foot and ankle condition to augment and optimize the effects of the AFO device. In every case, the foot orthosis is designed to “marry” to the AFO device to allow the two components to function as a “system” rather than two component parts.

  • Advantages of the Richie Aerospring System vs Walking Boot

               RAB SYSTEM
    No-leg length discrepancy
    Near normal gait
    Can drive a car
    Minimal balance compromise
    Total foot support/alignment
    Dynamic tendon loading
    No contact with ankle
    Handsome reimbursement
              WALKING BOOT
    Significant Limb Length discrepancy
    Significant gait disturbance
    Cannot drive a car
    Significant Balance Comp
    Zero foot support
    No dynamic tendon loading
    Contact/pressure at ankle
    Minimal reimbursement


  • Four pathology specific systems combining an ultra light dynamic carbon ankle-foot orthosis with a custom foot orthosis which has specific design features for each clinical condition.

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  • There are 3 essential components to the Richie AeroSpring System:

    1. A pre-fabricated carbon fiber composite ankle-foot orthosis which contains a full length footplate, a lateral strut around the ankle and an anterior strut along the tibia. The proximal section of the AFO contains a contoured plate with tibial relief cut out, padding and 2 adjustable anchor straps.

    2. A pair of custom functional foot orthoses. One orthosis is “married” to the footplate of the AFO brace and the other orthosis is worn in the contralateral shoe without an AFO brace. The orthoses are custom, intrinsically balanced functional foot orthoses which are fabricated with a semi-rigid crepe shell material and vinyl top cover. All foot orthoses incorporate the patented Richie ArchLock technology.

    3. Heel wedges to neutralize damaging forces on the Achilles, Plantar Fascia and Midfoot joints.

     This brace system is designed to:

    - Off load key structures in the lower leg, ankle and foot

    - Restore normal gait without proximal compensation

    - Facilitate healing to eventually discontinue brace use

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