• Over 31 Years Of Craftsmanship

  • Our Comprehensive Custom orthotic line is unsurpassed in quality and workmanship, providing the full spectrum of choices and designs.  Click image for more details.

  • SOLEutions are your economical, quality choice for your "cost containment" needs.  You never compromise quality, service or workmanship for the benefit of a fixed rate.  Click image for more details.


    STJ introduces new Diabetic Custom & Prefab orthotic designs with one goal: to provide the most protection and aid in the recovery of diabetic foot problems. Click image for more details.

  • STJ now offers custom sandals and custom Orthotic sandals. The sandals are designed specifically for use with an Orthotic device.

    Two types of sandal footbeds are available that creates two levels of sandals; a Custom Sandal and a Custom Orthotic Sandal.

  • The Richie Brace is a unique, patented custom fabricated AFO (ankle-foot orthosis) designed to treat transverse plane and frontal plane pathologies. Extraordinary control of the ankle-hind foot com- plex is achieved with this functional brace.


    A new Richie system replaces walking boots and treats a variety of lower extremity pathologies.  It's simply Better!

  • Establishing and maintaining proper balance is one of the keys to reducing the risk of falls. The STJ Brace is designed to stabilize the foot/ankle complex and help prevent falls.