• Achilles Tendon Offloading System

  • Description:

    A dynamic bracing system designed to provide better patient compliance and better healing of the Achilles tendon than standard walking boots .

    Clinical Indication:

    Tendinopathy of the Achilles tendon.
    Non-surgical management of the Achilles tendon rupture
    Post surgical management of the Achilles tendon rupture

    Features of the AeroSpring Achilles Offloading System:

    Carbon fiber ankle foot orthosis

    - controls ankle joint dorsiflexion and load on the Achilles tendon

    Custom functional foot orthosis (one pair)

    - controls rearfoot pronation

    - patented “Richie ArchLock™” offloads the medial-central band of the plantar fascia

    Graduated Heel Wedges

    - Up to 30 mm heel lift provided by layers of 10 mm heel wedges

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