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STJ is now authorized distributor of the original Richie Brace
and the New Richie Gauntlet product lines.

STJ Orthotic's is happy to be among the first to offer the new Richie "Gauntlet" line of products.  "Finally, a functional Gauntlet from a neutral Suspension Cast!"

  • A patented Medial and Lateral Arch Suspender, 
    Legitimate Varus/Valgus control of the hind foot. 
  • Fulfills true definition of Code L2275
  • Natural Suspension Casts Accepted - No need for casting boards.
  • Non-weight bearing cast provides better heel and arch contour
  • All casts are intrinsically balanced to correct lorefoot varus/valgus deformities 
Clinical Indications
Rigid, non-reducible Adult Acquired Flatfoot  (Stage III & IV)
Severe DJD or Deformity of hindfoot
Charcot Arthropathy
Suggested Reimbursement Coding:
L1940 AFO Custom-fabricated 
L2275 Varus/Valgus Control
L2280 Molded inner boot
L2820 Soft interface 
Casting and Clinical Consultation:
See our Richie Gauntlet Pages - Click here  -- 
Or contact Douglas H. Richie, Jr. DPM

The Richie Brace is a unique, patented custom fabricated AFO (ankle-foot orthosis) designed to treat transverse plane and frontal plane pathologies. Extraordinary control of the ankle-hind foot com- plex is achieved with this functional brace incorporating a balanced foot orthosis articulating with semi-rigid anatomical hinged support uprights. The Richie Brace has demonstrated wide versatility in treat- ing sports injuries as well as debilitating degenerative pathologies of the foot and ankle. 
Clinical Indications
Mild drop foot Tarsal coalition
Degenerative arthritis Sinus tarsi syndrome
Lateral ankle instability Charcot foot deformity
Tibialis posterior dysfunction Peroneal tendinopathy

Suggested Reimbursement Coding:* 
AFO Plastic, molded to patient model with ankle joints 
Soft interface, below knee section

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Casting and Clinical Consultation:
See our Richie Brace™ Pages - Click here
Or contact Douglas H. Richie, Jr. DPM

Please contact STJ to order the Richie Brace product lines and to receive Rx forms, shipping materials and further information. 

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