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We've Built In Better Protection For The Diabetic Foot!

Two New Orthotic Designs.  Two Materials. 
One Comforting Goal


  STJ introduces new Diabetic Custom & Prefab orthotic designs with one goal: to provide the most protection and aid in the recovery of diabetic foot problems. Both products feature the benefits of  pink Plastazote ® and medical grade Slow Recovery Poron®. Pink Plastazote is the proven material for protecting the foot from weight bearing shear and providing pressure relief
  Medical grade Slow Recovery Poron complements the pink Plastazote top cover in the 'foot forming' process to create the most protective and comforting environment for the diabetic foot. This synergistic relationship between these two materials prevent 'bottoming out' and provides superior cushioning, self accommodation  and shock attenuation for your patients. In addition, no vinyl or other top covers are used which would restrict the performance of the combined properties.   These same benefits of  STJ Diabetic devices will also accommodate your patients with arthritis, a rigid foot type, or any other condition requiring an accommodative orthotic. Do not settle for less than STJ quality craftsmanship and the preferred combination of these two materials for the best possible protection of the foot.
  Call now and speak to our Professional Orthotic Consultants and get  our 'easy to follow' Rx forms, because STJ is engineering the protection of your patients.


STJ  Diabetic Custom
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STJ  Diabetic Custom

STJ Diabetic custom orthotic utilizes the multi-density dual laminate of pink Plastazote and medical grade Slow Recovery Poron, and is reinforced by a thin, flexible retentive shell and a medical grade poron longitudinal arch filter. The STJ Diabetic Custom device is made from your plaster or foam cast. 

No forefoot or rear foot postings will be added since the STJ Diabetic custom device is strictly an accommodative device. The STJ Diabetic Custom device is designed for a non-dress shoe application. This full length custom orthotic provides the perfect balance of protection, comfort, pressure relief and self accommodation.


STJ  Diabetic Prefab
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STJ  Diabetic Prefab

STJ Diabetic Prefab orthotic utilizes a multi-density trilaminate of pink Plastazote and medical grade Slow Recovery Poron, and is reinforced by a full length EVA shell. Available in full length sizes W6-M13. It is the superior choice for protection which meets the criteria for the Medicare Therapeutic Shoe Bill.


The STJ Diabetic Protection Program (optional)

  • Patients receive Custom and Prefab orthotic
  • Provides exact placement and depth of paddings for peak pressure or lesions
  • Prefab provides continuous therapy inlay during the adjustment process
  • Includes unconditional extended warranty to one full year

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